7 Best Can Opener Consumer Reports 2019 – Top Rated

The can opener: of all the appliances you have in your kitchen, it probably doesn’t get the attention that it deserves, but it really should. From canned corn to canned tomatoes, and from canned chicken to canned clam chowder, a can opener is probably one of the tools that you use the most in your kitchen. Imagine what a nuisance it would be to open up all of those canned items without one?

While a can opener is supposed to make your life more convenient, it can make it pretty frustrating if it isn’t reliable. To avoid mishaps and ensure that you can get into those canned items with ease, you’ll want to invest in the best can opener possible.

Top 7 Can Opener

SaleBestseller No. 1
KitchenAid Can Opener, Aqua Sky
1868 Reviews
KitchenAid Can Opener, Aqua Sky
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: The KitchenAid Can Opener is made from strong stainless steel that...
  • EASY TO TURN: An oversized, easy to grip turn knob allows for opening cans with ease
Bestseller No. 2
Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener, Black
2565 Reviews
Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener, Black
  • Electric can opener with precision Power Cut blade
  • Press-and-release lever for easily opening any standard-size can
Bestseller No. 3
Kebley Stainless Steel Can Opener Manual Food-safe Good Gripswith Built-in Bottle Opener, T01, Silver
11731 Reviews
Kebley Stainless Steel Can Opener Manual Food-safe Good Gripswith Built-in Bottle Opener, T01, Silver
  • High quality material. Made from high quality food-safe Stainless Steel. Cutting blade is...
  • Fast cutting. The blade is very sharp to easily cut open the lid of cans of all sizes in...
SaleBestseller No. 4
Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener with Easy Push Down Lever, Opens All Standard-Size and Pop-Top Cans, Black and Chrome
9096 Reviews
Bestseller No. 5
Can Opener Professional Stainless Steel Manual Food-safe Good Grips
1644 Reviews
Can Opener Professional Stainless Steel Manual Food-safe Good Grips
  • Easy Operation. Lock it onto cans, hold tight its handles, twirl the knob on the side and...
  • Ergonomic and Safe. You can easily and comfortably hold tight he burnished handles and...
Bestseller No. 6
OXO Good Grips Can Opener
868 Reviews
OXO Good Grips Can Opener
  • Large, comfortable handles take the pain out of opening cans
  • Features big, cushioned handles for a non-slip grip, even when wet
SaleBestseller No. 7
Manual Can Opener-Stainless Steel,Heavy-duty Tin opener with Smooth Edge- Ultra Sharp Cutting Tool-Manual Side Can Opener/Jar/Bottle Opener with Circular Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle-Effortless
40 Reviews
Manual Can Opener-Stainless Steel,Heavy-duty Tin opener with Smooth Edge- Ultra Sharp Cutting Tool-Manual Side Can Opener/Jar/Bottle Opener with Circular Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle-Effortless
  • Efficient Opener&Safety::The big easy-to-turn knob help to effortlessly cut the sturdy...
  • Durable&Multi-Role::The rotating cutting wheel made of high quality stainless steel will...

How We Chose the Top Ten Can Openers in Our List?

Creating a list of the ten best and continuing to write brief and to the point, reviews of their performances is a long and strenuous process that involves thoroughly comprehending the overall build of can openers.

  • Stainless-steel blades: A must-have since these blades resist rust and perform the best.
  • Comfortable Handles: Manual units should have handles that come with rubber grips and are non-slip.
  • Appropriate Size: In regards to electric units, they should measure tall enough to open the largest can you intend to use it for. Manual versions should fit in your kitchen drawer with no hiccups.
  • Easy Cleaning: Side-cut openers rank superior to top-cut models, but the handheld top-cut openers rank below the electronic version of the same thing.
  • Smooth Performance: Models that feature a non-slip design that will cut open a lid with one 360 degrees rotation are prime
  • Lid Magnet: High-grade models come with magnets to prevent the lid from falling back into the can

Can Opener Buying Guide

Can openers seem like a dime a dozen, however, there is an unmeasured level of craftsmanship bestowed upon each type that differentiates them from the pack, for better or worse?  Even though it is an unassuming device, acquiring one that is not sound in its performance can provide endless frustration.  If you believe there is no gap between the functionality of a high-end can opener versus a bare-bones iteration, all you need to do is spend five minutes attempting to use the latter to experience firsthand the lack of effectiveness in its use.  There are a variety of can openers available to the masses (yes, even can openers have a market), and to discover the best one for you, it is wise to compare them based on the components they are made with an application.  Kitchen utensil sets are not complete without a working can opener.

What Are Can Openers?

As the name suggests, they are tools to remove the lids from containers that have been factory sealed.  This you likely already know, however not everyone can have the same circumference and size of lip (which the opener grasps onto).  This is pertinent when selecting a can opener because using a handheld device on a large can, for example, can be brutal on your fingers and palm, and may not even get the lid off effectively.

Why Does Quality Matter?

While can openers are by no means the sexiest item you will find in a kitchen, they are just like a cutting board in that they are most definitely a tool you will use frequently over the course of your life.  This goes double for those who enjoy cooking and prefer to put their culinary expertise to work.  No two can openers are alike because they are made from different materials, and this can affect the leverage produced and the overall success of its application.  Poorly made openers leave jagged pieces of metal protruding in every direction, making it a hazard to handle as they will easily cut your fingertips.  Moreover, some can openers cannot gain traction on the lip to fully unseal and remove a lid.  The problem that arises from this is you will likely be forced to clamp the can opener repeatedly over a dozen times to break the lid, instead of being able to turn it effortlessly.

Lock Feature vs. Non-Lock Openers

Lock features on this utensil take the form of a button that can be pressed down to make sure the teeth do not stray after they have ‘bitten’ into the metal lid.  The importance of this feature cannot be understated, particularly if you have an unsteady hand, as it guarantees that you will have a firm grasp of the can and that ‘rolling’ around the circular area is flawless.  Having a lock is not the be all end all, but it certainly makes the process exponentially easier, if that is your primary desire.

Why You Need Can Openers In Your Kitchen?

One thing I hate to do is spend money I don’t have on kitchen appliances that turn out I don’t even end up needing or ever using. There’s no worse feeling than realizing you just wasted your money, but I’m here to tell you that a can opener is not that type of kitchen appliance.

After you buy the kitchen items you deemed necessary; you’ll eventually realize you need one when you fail at an attempt to open a can of soup you’re trying to make for dinner because you lack the required tools.

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