7 Best Health Insurance Companies Consumer Reports 2019 – Top Rated

Regardless of whether you are working on your own, someone else’s or if you are unemployed, finding good health insurance that suits our situation can be a slow, complex process that most people do not know.

Most comparators and insurance companies will try to sell their medical policies with any type of claim, but letting ourselves be carried away by the promotions or by the price is something that we can pay dearly in the long term or that we are paying for a complementary health service to social security that is not what we believed.

Top 7 Health Insurance Companies

How to choose good health insurance?

Before hiring health insurance, it would be convenient to know these details.

Beware of insurance offers with aggressive prices

Beware of offers, health insurance with an initial discount, or with a fixed price is usually accompanied by a reduction in coverage, limitation of the medical service or probable increases in renewals.

The very aggressive offers in their prices, such as giving away months of insurance, offering very cheap prices, etc., usually last a short time, and as soon as you use the insurance, the most likely is that they raise the price too much more than double.

As you get older, which is when you will most need medical insurance as is logical, insurers are increasing the price of the monthly payment, for this, it is convenient to know in advance what the increases will be and how they will be applied to avoid problems.

Remember that in general, the cheapest insurance is usually those that have less coverage or are limited in terms of benefits, so we will not use cheap insurance but does not meet our requirements. In the end, we will be paying for insurance that in case of having an accident, it may not cover us or do it in a very limited way.

Compare health insurance before hiring

This is the best option if you know the operation of health insurance and have time to analyze their coverage, medical charts, and other similar characteristics. The problem that can occur is that, if you are unfamiliar with this type of insurance, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of information and details that medical insurance has. For this, we recommend that you talk to a broker or an insurance agent. You may have the following doubt.

Is it better to take out health insurance with an advisor?

Agents and brokerages are usually the best options mainly for two reasons, the first is that if you are overwhelmed by the number of situations and possible coverage or you do not know this type of insurance, they will ask you the most appropriate questions so that you have all your doubts resolved. The second reason is that they know the different types of policies on the market and the characteristics of insurers.

The importance of choosing health insurance with good medical staff

The medical table is the set of hospitals, health centers and doctors or specialists that you can go to thanks to your insurance. Some medical insurance companies, seeking profitability, have begun to reduce their medical staff and often eliminate hospitals or medical centers.

Not all doctors want to work with all insurance companies; the best doctors choose the most prestigious companies that work properly. Having a large medical picture that grows every day is a sign that the company is supported by health professionals.

Is there a tax deduction in health insurance?

For self-employed workers, for insurance contracted in the name of a company, there are tax deductions, and for insurances contracted by a natural person, there may be deductions based on regional deductions.

Autonomous self-employed workers can be charged as an expense up to € 500 per insured person per year, extendable to spouse and children, that is, a person who is self-employed on their own, with a spouse and two children could be charged € 2,000 as an expense in health insurance and the whole family would be insured taking advantage of paying the health insurance policy before deducting the income tax, which implies a direct fiscal saving for those € 2,000.

Companies are charged as an expense 100% of the health insurance premium of all workers insured in the policy, and workers are not charged as wages in kind the first € 500 of their premium as insured. That is, the company is charged 100% of the cost of health insurance as an expense, with the consequent reduction in corporate tax, and workers are not charged, so it does not affect them in the IRPF. That is why it is common to facilitate the contracting of health insurance for workers through the company.

Individuals who contract health insurance, at the state level there is no reduction in the income tax of individuals, but we must be aware of the deductions of autonomy, since some fiscal year there may be some deduction at the regional level, so you have to be informed about the autonomous deductions at the time of making the income statement.

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