breville mini smart oven review

Breville Mini Smart Oven Review

For those of you who are looking for the high tech and high-performance features that Breville has to offer in a tiny form factor, the Breville Mini Smart Oven is a reliable option. This compact oven has more than enough features and power to go against its bigger brothers, it can cook, bake and toast small portions of food of all kinds making it perfect for people who make one to two portion meals at a time. Some people find its longer operating times to be a downside, but the fact that it cooks and bakes slowly ensures that the oven is able to evenly heat food and cook items to perfection. Keep reading through our Breville mini smart oven review to find out more.

When put up against other compact ovens, the Breville Mini Smart Oven holds its own quite nicely, outshining many popular countertops such as the FlashXpress and the Chef’s Convection Oven. Let’s begin taking a closer look at this oven’s ability to handle various tasks.


The Breville Mini Smart Oven does a pretty satisfactory job at baking, it is capable of baking delectable batches of cookies and cake, providing such baked dessert with a lovely look and lovely taste. The Mini Oven also bakes food items such as drumsticks quite well, cooking the skin to crispy perfection while leaving the meat nice and tender. If it were not for the fact that the Mini Oven does not do a great job at retaining moisture, we could have easily said that its baking ability was on par with the full-sized Breville Smart Oven.


One great thing about the Mini Oven is the fact that despite being a smaller version of the Breville Smart Oven, it retains many of the features that made its bigger brother a superb kitchen appliance. The Mini Oven provides three rack height options just like its full-sized version, it also comes with a deep crumb tray that makes keeping the oven clean a breeze.

The control center of the oven consists of a single knob that lets you choose between eight different modes, temperature and cooking times can be selected and adjusted by pressing the Temperature/Time button and then using arrow keys to pick the desired numbers. An LCD display that shows all the relative information makes setting up the oven really simple and once you have finalized a setting, the oven will remember it for the next time. The only problem with setting up temperature and time is that making larger changes in your values through button presses can take more time and effort than it should.

Other than this minor design flaw, the Mini Oven has a pretty great set of controls, it even has a defrost button that automatically adds additional time to your selected duration, and just like in the full-sized version of the oven, cooking times and temperatures are decided by the oven based on what mode you are using. A winning factor of the Breville Mini Smart Oven is its size, this oven is really compact, almost half the size of regular ovens and still manages to bring such great features and functions to the table.


The Breville Mini Smart Oven is hands down one of the best smaller ovens out there when it comes to temperature setting and temperature consistency. Unlike other ovens, the Breville Mini manages to reach its set temperatures significantly faster than other ovens without having to use infrared heating elements (which do not perform well in baking). Once a set temperature has been reached, the oven manages to accurately maintain the set temperature for as long as it runs, making it a really precise cooking appliance.

Frozen Food Items

While the Breville Mini Smart Oven is excellent with temperature control, it does take a bit of a beating when faced with frozen food, the oven manages to cook frozen food items but leaves a certain something to be desired every time. For example, when cooking tater tots, the Mini Oven manages to cook them till their outside is incredibly crispy. However the inside remains moister than desired, and the tater tots do not reach proper levels of fluffiness either.

This oven can bake a pizza of up to 11 inches, but if you are a fan of frozen pizzas, then you will probably have to put up with slightly soggy crusts. Basically, the Breville Mini Smart Oven is not the best at handling frozen foods.


When toasting bread slices, the Breville Mini Smart Oven produces toast with an exceptional level of evenness and consistency, so much in fact that toast made using this oven can look downright photogenic. The oven also handles bagels quite nicely, even though it does not have any functions for toasting bagels.

Breville Mini Smart Oven Review Comes To a Conclusion

Costing somewhere around $150, the Breville Mini Smart Oven is not the most affordable toaster oven available in the market, however, when you weigh the number of features that it has to offer and its compact body with what other ovens of its category have to provide, you can see that the price is justified. After all, for people who produce small food portions, the Breville Mini Smart Oven can be a highly versatile cooking appliance.

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