Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven – A Budget Convection Oven That Delivers

Convection ovens really step up the game from their traditional counterparts; they deliver a more even cook and really get out those flavours the best. If that wasn’t enough to get your attention, then wait till you hear about Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster oven; this particular oven is ideal for those of us who are new to convection ovens. It’s simple and easy to use and won’t overwhelm you with weird options that you don’t even need.

Now that we’ve hyped it up for you, let’s look at the Hamilton Beach 31126 in a tad more detail and go over what we like about it and what we don’t. Without further ado, let’s get into the review, shall we?



The Hamilton Beach 31126 might be a budget convection oven, but it has all that you could possibly need for your most basic of cooking needs; it is designed to do its job and do it perfectly, wondering how?

Convection ovens do their magic through the circulation of hot air, and the fans inside the 31126 are designed to keep the flow of hot air in the oven as even and well circulated as possible, for a good cook job. No one likes finding raw or overcooked spots in their food, but with this oven, you don’t ever have to worry about them. Even eating also means that the oven is more efficient with energy and reduces your cooking time by a significant 30%. Your food gets cooked just right as a result, and no flavour goes to waste. It’s fast, but it makes no compromises on results.

Furthermore, the HB 31126 offers you three cooking modes; broil, bake and toast. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s everything you could need for your day to day cooking. The temperature range is also wide, and you can cook comfortably between 150F and 450F. Another thing that makes this such a breeze to use is the fact that you can easily dial in your cooking time with a turn of a knob.

The inside of the HB 31126 is pretty roomy, and you have the capacity to bake an entire 12” pizza or 6 slices of toast at the same time. To put this into perspective, that’s just as much space as the very high-end models offer you!


Moving on, let’s talk a bit about how convenient this thing is. It’s still just a budget model but don’t let that much fool you; this thing performs on par with high-end models when it comes down to the level of convenience it offers and exceeds many other convection ovens out there in the convenience department.

Every little dial that you need to tamper with to adjust the oven’s cooking settings is clearly marked and easy to both read and use. This model might not have a cool digital display, but we think it does an excellent job at letting you know what’s going on with a few old-fashioned knobs.

The HB 31126 stands out for its compact form factor; it’s not only just nice and small, but it also has a door that just rolls upwards unlike most ovens that have doors that take up so much space when open. The only thing you’ll have to worry about when it comes to space is that the HB 31126 has enough room above it for thermal control.

While we’re still talking about its door, another thing we really like is how large its window is; it’s easy to keep an eye on your food, and you won’t have to open it to inspect your food and lose heat in the process. Though, we do wish that it had an interior light, however for even more visibility.

This oven is designed to have a place on our counter and is ideal for small kitchens due to its small size and the fact that it has a roll-up door.

Easy to Maintain

To make things even easier for you, Hamilton Beach’s convection oven is designed to be effortless to clean and take care of. The crumb tray is easy to pull out and remove to grant you more excess to the interior.

The roll-up door is also removable, which we think is a delight since this means that you can be even more thorough with cleaning the inside. The removable parts can be easily rinsed clean with dishwashing fluids.

One place where the HB 31126 falls short is the fact that the insides of the oven aren’t non-stick so you’ll have to do a bit of scrubbing to properly clean the interior walls and all.

Aesthetic Appeal

Most countertop ovens have this old microwave like box shape which just looks too dull. Fortunately, the HB 31126 doesn’t follow this design trend, and it actually looks nice enough to be placed in even the most futuristic looking of designer kitchens. If you like appliances that make your kitchen look unique, this oven fits your bill just fine.


Everything else considered, the most important area where an oven needs to deliver is performance, and the HB 31126 does indeed deliver. It’s simple and doesn’t have too many fancy features or gimmicks, which is excellent news for those of us who like to keep things simple. Like all good convection ovens, it cooks food much faster than regular ovens and produces juicier results with more flavour too.

If you’re looking for a simple convection oven that delivers just what you need, this Hamilton Beach model is an excellent choice for you.


  • It reduces cooking time by 30% through its convection fans.
  • Faster cooking with juicier results.
  • Three modes of cooking that cover every basic cooking need.
  • Spacious interior with the capacity to bake a 12” pizza.
  • Easy to use and read dials for settings.
  • A roll-up door for better space management even when open.
  • Large window for more interior visibility.
  • Compact design; ideal for countertops.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Unique and aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Comes with its own baking pan.
  • You get a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Non-stick interior is harder to clean.
  • No light on the inside.
  • Limited to three basic cooking modes.
  • Supports only

FAQs About The Hamilton Beach 31126

Is a convection oven really worth the investment?

Let’s go over all that we’ve told you about convection ovens again to answer this. Long story short, they use convection fans to distribute heat evenly, and that alone is enough to save your cooking time and use energy more efficiently.

Your food will cook fast and at just the right time, making sure that there’s plenty of flavour and juiciness in your food by the time it’s done. If you like your food to be cooked just right then, there’s no reason why you should skip out on a convection oven.

Even if you don’t exactly need a convection oven, there are still so many reasons why you should get one anyways. They don’t cost too much more than regular ovens and offer so much more so why not, right?

They even measure the same as conventional ovens and are also laid out the same way, the only difference is in the fact that they have convection fans. There’s really no harm in getting one of these instead – only benefits.

Is the HB 31126 a model that I’ll be happy with?

Now unless you want to cook eccentric dishes with many different techniques, you’ll be more than satisfied with the HB 31126. It has three of the most basic cooking modes that enable it to get the basic cooking done just fine.

Other than that, if you don’t mind scrubbing just a little extra on the inside due to the absence of a non-stick coating, you won’t be unhappy with it.

In a nutshell, this oven provides you with the very basic features but covers what’s necessary very well and if that’s your need then you’ll love it.

The Verdict

With that, our review of Hamilton Beach’s 31126 convection oven comes to a close. From what we’ve told you above, you can gather that it’s a great oven in the low to mid-end range, but it makes no compromises on quality anywhere.

The only thing anyone would really worry about while deciding between a high end and budget oven is the functionality, and there are no compromises there with the HB 31126. If you aren’t looking for something too fancy and can make do with the three essential cooking modes that it offers, this oven might be the best choice for you; it’s convenient, compact and does all that it needs to.

The design distinguishes it from many box-shaped ovens that both look bland and take up too much space. This could really spice up your kitchen, and if you’ve liked all that we’ve told you up till now, this might just be the oven you want in your kitchen.

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