7 Best Quality Gasoline Consumer Reports 2020 – Top Rated

In times of rising fuel prices, it is easy to decide to reduce the quality of gasoline that we put in our vehicles, however, we always prefer to place in the tank the one with the best quality. That is why there are stations that have the “Top Tier” seal , a simile of “supreme quality”, which means that the gasoline you serve in them is better for your vehicle than the one that does not comply with environmental standards.

The explanation is simple, this fuel contains more detergent than conventional gasoline, which exceeds by two thirds the minimum requirement of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States.

Top 7 Quality Gasoline

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Speedol Zeta 10W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5-Quarts (4.73 L) | Premium Quality High Performance Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil
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Speedol Zeta 10W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5-Quarts (4.73 L) | Premium Quality High Performance Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil
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Gasoline Age
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Gasoline Age
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PEGGAS New - Premium - Cold Water - Gasoline - Pressure Washer - Power Washer - Replacement - Axial Vertical Pump 7/8' Shaft - 2800 PSI 2.3 GPM Aluminum Head - Simpson -Briggs & Stratton -Ryobi
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PEGGAS New - Premium - Cold Water - Gasoline - Pressure Washer - Power Washer - Replacement - Axial Vertical Pump 7/8" Shaft - 2800 PSI 2.3 GPM Aluminum Head - Simpson -Briggs & Stratton -Ryobi
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Ancor 102850 Marine Grade Electrical Primary Tinned Copper Boat Wiring (16-Gauge, Red, 500-Feet)
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Ancor 102850 Marine Grade Electrical Primary Tinned Copper Boat Wiring (16-Gauge, Red, 500-Feet)
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Why gasoline is cheaper in some stations than in others?

According to most experts, many factors affect the retail prices of gasoline. One is that wholesale prices fluctuate every day, and each station is likely to pay a slightly different price for what it sells on a given day, says Ned Bowman of the Florida Association of Oil Promoters.

During periods when there are no external pressures pushing prices up, dishonest stations will seek a competitive advantage by undermining their competitors, sometimes in appreciable amounts. The rival stations in the immediate vicinity will match the discounts, creating much lower price groups in and around the competitive corridors or intersections. Several stations need to set different profit margins, depending on how they are configured, says Bowman. 

However, there are days when it seems that almost all gas stations in the city are given a specific price. This is called a “price cycle” and occurs when one or more large retailers decide to raise or lower prices, and then stations throughout the market follow suit, says Patrick DeHaan, head of oil analysis at the comparison website. GasBuddy prices. com.

Will I get more power if I use gasoline with a higher octane rating?

While many automobiles are currently manufactured to run on high-octane gasoline, engines made to run at 87 regular octane will not benefit from the use of 89 or 93 octane, say Bowman and DeHaan.

If a car’s computer detects that the injectors are burning faster because they are using high octane fuel, the computer will adjust the time to compensate, they say. However, older cars with accumulations of coal that start hitting may benefit by switching to a higher octane rating, according to several sources, including a publication on the Kelley Blue Book website.

“This is because the carbon deposits inside the cylinders increase the combustion ratio, which in turn raises the octane rating of the engine,” says the publication.

Long-term benefits

However, these benefits are imperceptible for a customer in one, two or three loads of fuel, but until after a few years. Additionally, it is necessary to consider the habits of each driver, the maintenance that is given to the vehicle, based on the parameters of time or kilometers determined by the assemblers.

How are gasoline prices determined?

“If you do not change the filters, the engine will be damaged little by little and there are many factors that intervene so that an engine can prevail in the best conditions for as long as possible. There are many additives that help, but the owner has to do his part so that this can be achieved “assured Álvaro Vallejo.

No differences between one and another

The Energy Regulatory Commission ( CRE ) has the Official Mexican Standard (NOM) 016 in which it states that you can only add 165 parts per million of additive per liter. It is the limit that companies have to the additive to each one of the fuels that they commercialize.

“The most addictive tender will not really generate greater benefits, it has a limit. Both Pemex’s gasoline and that of competitors are regulated and each has a greater proportion of certain additives, depending on the characteristic that you want to give your fuel; Some may be higher performance, others greater cleanliness, or a lower contaminant, everything is differentiation to better market their products “.

Did you sell incomplete liters of gasoline?

The specialist explained that it is not really that they have a big difference from each other and it could be concluded that each gasoline has its additives, but in general, they are in the same parameter. In October 2018, the company Petro Oil carried out an analysis of 8 different gasoline brands to determine their yields or profits, mainly in sulfur and octane. All met the NOM 016 and despite the differentiation that has one from another in additives, the results that the study showed is that there were differences, but not so marked. The director of Oil & Gas at SGS Mexico said regarding this study that sulfur measurements all comply with the NOM, even some are below the established, which translates into less pollution and corrosion for the engines, while for octane in regular gasoline, that is, those of 87 octanes, reached up to 88.2 octane.

How to save gas?

We recommended having fuel savings by giving recurrent maintenance to the vehicles for proper operation, avoid accelerating and braking abruptly, as well as checking that the tires are calibrated correctly. https://www.milenio.com/negocios/mas-negocios/que-marca-de-gasolina-es-la-mejor-de-mexico

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