7 Best Travel Insurance Consumer Reports 2020 – Top Rated

Hiring the best international travel insurance is as important as booking flights when we organize trips abroad. And I tell you from experience, since, I have had to use international health insurance (and test different insurance companies) in several of my trips.

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Travel Insurance For Backpackers, Is It Really Necessary?

There is no one who saves as much on trips as we do, and if you do not believe us, check our travel budget to the USA where in 10 days we spend only € 64 on accommodation. However, we did not hesitate a second to hire good travel insurance for the US  that cost € 22 per person.

When we talk about health, it is especially important to hire the best travel insurance. Although we love this way of traveling, when we travel from backpackers it is precisely when we are most exposed. We must recognize that in these trips we end up eating many times in street stalls, that the level of cleanliness of the shelters can leave much to be desired and that, therefore, we have more chances of getting sick.

Also keep in mind that, if we are going to stay in shared rooms, or in the cheapest areas of the cities, thefts are more likely than if we had gone to a more expensive hotel. In addition, as we have said before, the price of travel insurance only represents a small part of the total cost. In case something happens to us during the trip, the medical expenses will be much higher than the cost of travel insurance for backpackers.

What Is The Best Travel Insurance?

The time has come to answer the million dollar question! After having spent many hours comparing value for money between different insurers, we consider that, without a doubt, the best travel insurance of 2020 is MONDO.

For comparison, we have used other insurance companies such as IATI (which was the one we used before discovering MONDO), or as TotalTravel, Allianz, Chapka, Travelmundo, Intermedial, Mapfre, etc … In the following section, you will find a more detailed analysis of the main one’s insurance companies from the market.

Therefore, it was clear that the best international travel insurance in terms of value for money is MONDO. And already, if we compare it with the MONDO Premium option, there is no company that has such high coverage, thus, the travel insurance that covers the most. In the next section, we tell you everything covered by Premium travel insurance of MONDO.

What Covers The Best International Travel Insurance?

As we mentioned, the MONDO premium travel insurance is without a doubt the insurance with the most benefits. Here we show you the coverage of the best international travel insurance:

Medical Assistance – Medical And Surgical Expenses

The premium travel insurance of MONDO has a coverage of up to 350,000 euros in medical and surgical expenses. It also includes 350 euros of emergency dental expenses.

Repatriation Or Early Return

In case of accident, illness or death, MONDO will arrange the transfer to your country of origin, for you and your family or for a companion. In case a family member was hospitalized or died while traveling, they would cover the return home with unlimited capital.

Displacement And Stay Of a  Relative

It also includes the displacement and stays of a relative in case you were hospitalized for more than five days.

Liability Insurance

The best travel insurance has a coverage of 60,000 euros of civil liability and court costs and expenses to cover compensation for material or bodily damage that you may involuntarily cause to third parties.

Legal Assistance

Up to 3,000 euros to cover legal assistance, if you are abroad, the best travel insurance MONDO guarantees your defense on criminal liability and the claim of damages in case of suffering a hit or accident. In addition, you would have a lawyer who would advise you in case of having legal problems with third parties during the trip.

Theft And Damage Of luggage

3,000 euros in theft and damage of luggage, whether due to violent theft, loss of the carrier or fire during the trip. In addition, the best travel insurance MONDO would be responsible for the shipment of forgotten materials during the trip, as well as to compensate with up to 300 euros for the delay in the delivery of luggage.

Cancellations, Delays Or Loss Of Services

Up to 3,000 euros for cancellations, delays or loss of services. If you suffer a delay in your flight of more than 4 hours, you will have the right to have living, lodging and transportation expenses covered.

24 Hour Assistance Products

Up to 6,000 euros in 24-hour assistance products, such as the rescue of the insured or that you need an interpreter or expenses for the management of lost documents.


MONDO has an additional indemnity to medical coverage of up to 50,000 euros in case of a serious accident or death.


If you are going to take a cruise, you will need to add this option to receive medical attention on board if necessary.

Coverage For Risk Sports

Travel insurance already includes a series of covered activities. However, you can expand them with the optional coverage of adventure sports.  With this option, you will be covered if you practice sports such as climbing or canyoning.

Optional Coverage Of Computer Equipment

MONDO will indemnify you in case of violent theft or for the total or partial loss by the carrier or that is damaged by fire of your computer equipment, photographic and electronic equipment.



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