7 Best Work From Home Jobs Consumer Reports 2020 – Top Rated

Before we start, let’s make it clear that we will not talk about magic formulas to make easy money, without effort. Instead, we will give you the most comprehensive Internet guide covering everything you need to know to make money without leaving your home, with jobs from home. If that is your goal, you are in the right place! I hope this content is very useful, to the point of finishing the reading full of new ideas.

Top 7 Work From Home Jobs

Work from home versus own business

This is a fundamental topic that will guide your next steps and you need to be attentive to him to understand in which profile you fit more. There are two possibilities to work at home: have a business of your own or work remotely for a company or another person.

Remote works from home

Having a remote job means that you do not need to be present at a physical office, which allows you to work from anywhere in the world, as long as that place has access to the Internet. It is possible to be a conventional collaborator, have a work contract for a certain period or, even, be a freelancer.

The conventional collaborator is hired by the company and is entitled to all the benefits of a normal employee. A person with limited contract time will have their work contract signed (or may charge through a legal account), however, the period of service is defined in the agreement between the employee and the employer.

Own business

Own business can be very interesting if you want to be your own boss and have financial independence. But, of course, if it were easy, everyone would be an entrepreneur. In Spain, for example, approximately 20 companies close every day.

Having a business of your own means, mainly:

  • Being multitasking, especially at the beginning;
  • Study a lot about your market;
  • Have resilience to know how to face different challenges;
  • Be patient to start having financial benefits.

It is important that you understand that digital entrepreneurship is much more associated with identifying problems and opportunities in order to implement an idea that has positive impacts than being innovative and creating something never seen before. So, to simplify, from now on you can think of entrepreneurship as actions and projects that seek to solve other people’s problems, however simple they may be.

Advantages and disadvantages of work from home

When reading the following topics, associate each condition to what you plan for your professional future and consider what you think is most important to have a high level of quality of life. A good suggestion is to make a list of pros and cons.

Advantages of work from home

You do not need to face the traffic

Mainly if you live in a large city, which has intense traffic of vehicles, that is one of the great advantages of work from home. In addition, it is valid to consider that at home you have more security, while on the street, we are always subject to the dangers arising from that situation.

You spend more time with the family

If you have already formed a family, you know how every minute matters close to who you love. And that is a weight factor to work at home, especially if you have children.

You control your own time

Working at home you have the flexibility to define your work schedule. Some people feel more productive in the morning, and others work better at night or even at dawn. This can be adapted according to your profile, especially if you work on your own.

You save

When you work from home, avoid eating in restaurants and spend on public transport or gasoline. And if you save during the week, you can take advantage of the money to invest in your business, pay other important expenses or have extra money over the weekend.

You eat healthier

If you avoid eating in restaurants, you also escape some temptations at lunchtime or snack. In this way, you have the opportunity to invest in a healthy diet and worry more about your health.

You have more comfort and convenience

At home, you can organize a workspace that is your own and customize it according to your needs. In addition, you can plan a rest space for after the meal and prepare your favorite drink the way you like it. Great, right?

You have more time to do what you like

The pace of going to and from work is sometimes so overwhelming and intense that there is no time left for anything else. Work from home also provides more time to walk, do physical activities, take care of yourself and invest in studies to learn a new language.

Disadvantages of work from home

You can lose your privacy while you work

When you work in a private environment or in which all people are focused on the same goal, it is simpler to focus and be productive. But working at home, you run the risk of being interrupted several times, either by who lives with you, the phone playing, a neighbor calling and other common situations of a home.

You can work in an unprepared environment

To work at home it is necessary to create a distraction-proof environment. Mainly if you own your own business, it is you who should be attentive and make sure that your performance is at the expected level. However, if you work in an inappropriate environment, for example, with the laptop on the bed, of course your performance will be harmful and, in your case, also your health.

You can work excessively

At home you can lose the notion of hours worked and finish the day working more than in a traditional job. We understand that if you work on your own, you will need to work harder than in a common job, but you can not let this fact hurt your quality of life. We’re going to give you some interesting tips on this in this post.

You can lose social contact

If you are a socially active person, who likes to talk, prepare to spend long periods without much social contact. When you work in an office you have the opportunity to talk during work hours, exchange ideas at coffee time and make new friends. At home, your day to day will naturally be more lonely. 


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