Is Waxed Paper Better Than Parchment Paper?

Anyone that bakes knows what parchment paper is, it’s essential if you are baking cakes because you are going to use it to line your pan to prevent your cake from sticking to it during the cooking process. However, there is another option that a lot of baking aficionados tend to forget about, and this option is called waxed paper.

The Lowdown on Waxed And Parchment Papers

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper, in spite of the name, is not actually made of parchment. It is simply normal everyday paper that has been treated with silicone. The texture becomes very similar to parchment though, albeit a much more durable version of it.

Waxed Paper

If you want to make your very own waxed paper, all you are going to have to do is coat both sides of a sheet of paper with wax. Proper, high-quality wax paper is treated with paraffin, and it is extremely durable as well as being resistant to moisture.

Is Waxed Paper Better Than Parchment Paper?

This depends quite a bit on what you are using it for. For example, if you are placing something into a preheated oven you would find that waxed paper is not going to be very useful at all.

Parchment Paper For Baking

Parchment paper is clearly superior to waxed paper when you are placing it into a preheated oven. Even though waxed paper is visually indistinguishable to its parchment counterpart, it does not hold up against heat quite as well as parchment does. Wax is going to end up melting when placed into a preheated oven, and it is known to ignite as well which is obviously not something that you are going to enjoy very much. Hence, using waxed paper in the oven is not a very good idea if you’re not fond of dangerous fire hazards.

Silpat And How To Use It

If parchment paper is not what you need while baking, silpat can be a worthy alternative. A silpat is basically a mat made out of silicone that you can use instead of a parchment sheet. It is reusable and thus superior to parchment paper.

After The Baking is Done

Waxed paper is equal to parchment paper here, but if you are working as a confectioner waxed paper is perfect for sweets. It can provide high-quality wrapping that would be quite waterproof, thus preventing grease or oil from the sweets from seeping into the wrapping paper.

Preparing For Baking

Waxed paper is useful before the baking process starts as well. Storing ingredients in wax paper is a great way to ensure that the moisture stays locked in, and you can also use it to roll out an excellent pie crust as well.

Finishing Touches

A piping cone is quite easy to make, and waxed paper is perfect for it once again because it won’t soak up any moisture from the piping itself.

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