The Most Exotic Fruits The World Has To Offer

Fruits are pretty amazing, but it is fair to say that most of us don’t enjoy a very wide variety in our diets. This is because there are a few fruits that are extremely common and easy to get, such as apples and oranges and the like, and these are all that we look for whenever we go for one of our regular grocery shopping trips. There is a whole world out there that we are currently unaware of, a world full of amazing fruits that we would love to eat.

These fruits may not be readily available in your local supermarkets, or even if they are they tend to be absurdly expensive so you may not be all that interested in them to begin with, but even if you never buy them in your life you need to learn about them. After all, the world is a really big place, and after reading about all of the incredible fruits mentioned down below you might just be convinced that buying these fruits is actually going to be an experience that you are legitimately interested in investing in.


This fruit hails all the way from Peru, and you would be surprised at just how delicious it is. Fragrant and juicy, this fruit has a fantastic flavor, but it is surprisingly unpopular with people as far as eating it is concerned. Instead of eating it, people prefer to consume it in other things such as pastries and the like. This is because it has a rather stringy, unpleasant texture, but the flavor is so good that it ends up tasting quite delicious in baked goods, and works perfectly when used to flavor coffee as well.


This is a little bean that is often referred to as the ice cream bean. It looks quite interesting, with a texture and overall appearance that is surprisingly similar to cotton candy. The flavor of this fruit is a little sweet, but there is a subtlety to it that prevents it from becoming overpowering. As for the texture, it is actually quite pleasant, with a squishiness to it that makes it a joy to chew. These beans can often be quite expensive, but if you head over to Peru and avoid the expensive restaurants, you should be able to get them very cheap as well.


This fruit is from the same family as squash and cucumbers and has the same sort of mild taste that is not exactly sweet. This makes it perfect for cooking, although it is also very popular raw. Cooking helps to maintain the texture of the fruit, however, and it works extremely well as a part of different types of cuisine. If you want to truly experience this fruit the way they do in Mexico, which is its country of origin, it is highly recommended that you marinate it in lemon juice with the skin on and then sautee it.

Fuyu Persimmon

One of the problems that people often face when they are eating persimmon, which is otherwise a very delicious fruit, is the fact that they have to wait until it is soft before they can eat it otherwise it will be sour and rather unpleasant to eat overall. The Fuyu Persimmon can allow you to enjoy that delicious, sweet taste without having to worry as much about whether or not the fruit is soft. The flavor is pleasant even when the fruit has yet to ripen, which makes it a great option to look into.


This is perhaps one of the most famous fruits on this list because it became a YouTube meme not all that long ago. This fruit has quite a nice texture, creamy and soft as it is, but the flavor sometimes leaves a little to be desired. The aroma is quite pungent, and the flavor has often been described as rotten, but this has not stopped a lot of people from enjoying it. After all, there are a lot of people out there that enjoy eating things that have a strange taste to them.


This fruit looks a lot like grapefruit, and it bears a lot of similarities to that citrus fruit. It is indeed of the citrus variety as well, although it has a notably thick rind, and the flesh has a taste not all that dissimilar from grapefruit as well. It should be noted that the taste is not quite as bitter while maintaining the fresh flavor of grapefruit that so many people love, which makes this the perfect fruit for people that want a little citrus flavor for their early mornings.


Apart from the having the nicest sounding name out of all of the fruits on this list, the starfruit actually has a lot of tropical, exotic qualities to it. This fruit has some pretty hard flesh which gives a pleasant crunch when bitten, and the flesh is quite sweet as well. When these fruits are ripe, you can eat them whole without having to peel them. The taste of unripe starfruit is not all that pleasant when raw, but if you use it in cooking, you will find that it can provide a unique flavor to whatever dish you are concocting.


This fruit looks pretty much otherworldly because of its peach-orange skin and its odd protrusions. When you open it up, you will see flesh that is a peculiar shade of green and has seeds in it that look similar to that of a cucumber. The flesh is not very sweet, having more of a zucchini type flavor, but the look of this fruit alone is enough to make you want to consider eating it. The green flesh is also excellent if you want to top salads with it because it adds both texture as well as flavor into the mix.


The interesting thing about this fruit, in particular, is the fact that it does not have its own origin. Rather, it is borne of two different fruits that were crossbred over a period of years. This fruit is actually quite delicate and can bruise quickly, so if you want to buy some just make sure that you store them as efficiently as possible. Another thing you should keep in mind is the fact that unlike other fruits, the seeds of the atemoya are not edible. They can actually cause you quite a bit of harm if consumed, so be careful while eating this fruit.

Black Sapote

The first thing you are going to notice about this fruit when you cut it open is that it does not look particularly appetizing. Indeed, it looks like it is extremely rotten and thus unfit for human consumption. However, I would highly recommend that you get past the exterior and try a bite of this fruit. It has a chocolate like taste to it which is always pleasant, and the texture makes it seem almost like pudding. Essentially, you could get some delicious chocolate pudding vibes without having to consume all of those calories.

Buddha’s Hand

This fruit has perhaps the most mystical name out of any of the fruits in this list, and it also one of the strangest looking. The fruit looks a lot like a hand, although the metaphorical fingers of this hand are going to be in a variety of different positions. One thing to note about this fruit is that it actually isn’t usually used to eat, although it does taste fairly pleasant. The primary purpose for this fruit is that it looks nice and has a lovely aroma to it, which is why it is often used in a manner that is similar to potpourri. If you want your home to smell nice without using any chemicals or candles, this fruit can be an excellent option for you to look into.


This fruit is often also referred to as Tiesa, and it is one of those rare fruits that actually takes a lot of effort to eat. The flavor is quite pleasant with an almost savory quality to it, but at the same time, the texture leaves a little to be desired. It crumbles in a way that is not very pleasant, but some say that it is an acquired taste and that if you try to enjoy it, you are going to be able to do so with ease. The great thing about this fruit is that it’s not all that expensive!


When you first look at this fruit, you are going to think you’re looking at a tiny watermelon. They’re about the size of large grapes, and though they may look like melons, their flavor is more reminiscent to that of a zucchini or a cucumber with a bit of a citrus tang to it. This makes the fruit perfect for use in salads or as a light snack that you could just pop into your mouth every now and again. The fruits look absolutely adorable which is another reason why you should look into it. You could have a bowl full of these tiny little melons. They make a great snack and are extremely healthy as well. You could get your daily dose of snacking without piling on the extra calories the way you normally would!


This is an absolutely delicious fruit that combines a variety of complex flavors into the mix. It tastes almost like a minty pineapple, although there are some notes in there that might end up reminding you of a regular apple as well. The skin is tough and bitter, but cutting the fruit in half and eating it with a spoon makes for a great midday snack. This fruit can be quite expensive unless you are buying it in its country of origin which is New Zealand, so you should save it for the most special of occasions.


All fruits have certain qualities to them that make them really good for you, but the soursop, in particular, is a fruit that can do a lot of good for your body. The flesh is tangy yet sweet with a flavor that is like slightly sour strawberries, and its health benefits are numerous, to say the least. If you suffer from indigestion or any other problem that is associated with your stomach or intestines, this fruit can soothe you pretty much immediately. This is why it is such a popular option for smoothies and shakes!


If you are looking for a fruit that is a legitimate contender for the best tasting in the world, the cherimoya is a pretty good choice. The texture of this fruit is creamy in the best way possible, and the flavor evokes bananas, apples as well as a berry-like tang that is quite pleasant indeed. This fruit tastes best when it has just been taken out of the fridge, but one thing to keep in mind is that it can be rather tough to find in a regular store because it spoils very quickly indeed which makes it difficult to transport.


You are probably used to the idea of fruit that grows on trees, but have you ever heard of fruit that grows directly on the bark of a tree? The jabuticaba is a berry-like fruit that you can pick off of the barks of trees and eat them without any other process required. The juice of the fruit is also frequently used to make wines and the like which is why so many people try to collect the fruit and make delicious beverages out of it. The fruit is about the size of a grape as well and is often confused for its distant cousin.


This is an extremely healthy fruit that is grown in Southeast Asia, namely places like Vietnam and Thailand, and it tastes pretty amazing as well. Most people describe the flavor as being a cross between a banana and a mango, both of which are flavor profiles that go very well together indeed. You can use this fruit in fruit salads to add a great effect, but it is best eaten on its own. Eating it on a regular basis is very healthy, and the great thing is that this fruit isn’t even all that expensive.


This fruit is often referred to as a baby jackfruit because it has a spiky exterior similar to that of a jackfruit. However, the flesh tastes very different indeed and is rarely eaten raw. Instead, it is cooked into an orange-colored rice that has a surprisingly spicy flavor to it. This fruit has a number of essential phytonutrients as well which is why it is so popular among people that want to improve their health without having to make any kind of significant change to their diet.

Calamansi Lime

This fruit has the exterior of a lime, the interior of an orange and the flavor of both. It is actually quite a useful fruit because it can be used in the same manner as a lime, which is to say it is perfect for salad dressings as well as in dishes that require a bit of tangy citrus. The slightly sweeter flavor to this fruit gives it a unique nature as well, which is to say that the flavor profiles it adds to the food you add it to is a little different from that of a lime, but still extremely delicious.


This is another fruit that looks a lot like a jackfruit, but in this case, the similarity is actually caused by it being a distant relative of that particular fruit. You would also be surprised to see the inside of this fruit because once you peel the spiky exterior, you are going to see a branch of sorts that would have balls hanging from it. These balls are bite-sized and give you exciting flavors similar to that of a jackfruit, and the aroma is so strong that you would want to keep this fruit in your home just for that!


This fruit is in a lot of ways similar to the also delicious and equally exotic lychee. The flesh looks pretty much indistinguishable from that of a lychee, but the flavor has some differences in it. It is not quite as juicy, and the sweetness is not as saccharine. Instead, this fruit has a much subtler taste, although it is still pretty surprising when you just look at the exterior of the fruit which is covered in a pretty tough and ugly looking skin. These fruits are great on their own but are also occasionally used in cooking and the like as well. You should try cooking chicken with them since this meat absorbs a lot of the flavor and becomes a lot more tender after the fruit has been added as well.


This fruit has a spiky, tough exterior which is not edible nor is it very pleasant to eat since it is somewhat chalky and crumbly. However, if you break the exterior apart you would see the pearly white flesh contained within, and this flesh is actually extremely delicious. The lychee is another fruit on this list that would be a strong contender for the most delicious fruit in the world. It is so good on its own that turning it into a juice just wouldn’t make sense, but lychee juice is still quite refreshing and is enjoyed in a lot of areas around the world.


This fruit has a slightly furry exterior and firm flesh that borders on crunchy at times. The flavor is sweet and not dissimilar to that of an apricot. The seeds are large so it is unlikely that you are going to end up ingesting them, but they do contain a few toxic substances so while consuming them you should be careful regardless. If you are looking to buy this fruit, make sure you do so while the skin is yellow. If the skin is orange, it means that the fruit is now too ripe.


America has a history of dubbing a lot of random things illegal. Mangosteen is a good example because this fruit was not allowed in the country for an extended period of time. The fruit was illegal because of the constant fear of the Asian fruit fly, which is a fly that caused quite a few diseases that people had to face during that time. The fruit is now legal which means that you can eat them at any time. They are slightly expensive, but the delicious flavor of this fruit is most certainly worth it.

Monstera Deliciosa

Apart from having an absolutely monumental name, this fruit looks pretty whacky as well. When you peel back the outer layer, you are going to see that it looks almost like there are ants inside its flesh. Have no fear, though, because these are not actually ants, that’s just what the flesh looks like. The taste is actually quite nice, tasting like pineapple with a little bit of the jackfruit combination of flavors mixed into it. This fruit looks strange and has a terrific name, but the flavor itself is well worth praising as well.

Noni Fruit

This fruit is one of the few on this list that does not actually taste all that great. However, in spite of this fact, this fruit is consumed on a pretty regular basis because it has so many health benefits associated with it at least in some levels of discourse. This fruit does have a lot of antioxidants, but a lot of the claims that people have made about the way this fruit works have never been proven to be true which is why you should tread carefully. The fruit itself does have certain health benefits that have been proven, however.

Dragon Fruit

This fruit looks more like some kind of flowery egg, but when you peel back the layers of skin, you will find that the skin looks quite intriguing. It looks white with black seeds added into it. The flesh is sweet, and one unique aspect of this fruit is that you can also enjoy the seeds quite a bit as well. The seeds have a flavor that is almost nutty, and it goes very well with the flesh so you should definitely try to combine the two rather than trying to eat them separately.

Poha Berry

This fruit looks like a tomato and has some of the flavor profiles of this fruit as well, but one thing that you have to keep in mind is that there is a little bit of pineapple added to the mix as well. The great thing about this fruit is that the mixture of tomato and pineapple flavor profiles somehow seems to work, and most people tend to dip this fruit in chocolate before they eat it. This combination is pretty out of this world and can result in a lot of distinct flavors forming.


When you first look at this fruit, you are going to be a little unwilling to pierce into it, but the fact of the matter is that if you truly want to experience the best taste in the world, this fruit is the best of the best to help you do so. The skin of the fruit has some spines attached to it which are very long, but these spines are actually very soft, and it is highly unlikely that they are going to hurt you in any way at all. All you need to do is peel off the skin, and you will have a globe of delicious white flesh that you would be able to snack on.


This fruit does not look very appetizing because of the fact that it has a charred-looking exterior and this charring can get off on your hands and be a little bit difficult to clean, but the fact of the matter is that if you get to the flesh inside you would be quite surprised at just how delicious it tastes. When you consume this fruit, you are basically eating something that tastes like lemon meringue, which is not the sort of taste you’d be expecting when you first look at the fruit!

Rose Apples

Even though these fruits look more ovular and pear-like than apples, they taste very similar to their cousins and can be used in the same way. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that if you end up eating the seeds, you could potentially harm your health quite a bit, so it is always better to just spit them out. Indeed, the best option is always to take the seeds out before you start eating the fruit in the first place.


This is a fruit that you should just peel and eat if you want the best experience possible. The texture of the fruit is quite odd. It is soft, but not in the way you would expect fruits to be. Instead, the texture is spongy, and although this might seem a little off-putting at first, it is actually going to taste very good once you start getting a little bit used to this. The flavor of this fruit is a lot like honey which is why so many people go crazy for it.


The great thing about this fruit is that there are so many different parts of it. Usually, what you are going to have to do is bisect the fruit and then pull the seeds out of it. The seeds are very difficult to separate from the flesh in the center of the fruit which is why you are going to have to pop them in your mouth and eat the flesh that is all around them instead. Just be careful that you don’t end up eating the seeds because this could end up causing a lot of problems for you in the long run.


This fruit has a pretty odd flavor, but once you start getting used to it, you will find that you are actually craving it because it has so many different textures and combinations that you would be able to look into. You can taste a bit of a berry-like flavor, along with some root beer added to the mix. The great thing about this fruit is that it’s actually quite firm so it’s something that you can bite into and eat at your leisure.

Custard Apple

This is one of those rare instances where the name of the fruit actually represents how it is going to taste or feel in your mouth. This fruit has a skin that comes off in pieces rather than in one go the way a banana or orange tends to do, and the flesh itself has a consistency that is quite similar to that of custard. This is why you need to enjoy this fruit with a spoon rather than with your hands because chances are that you are not going to end up getting a very good experience if you try to eat it with your hands.

Ugli Fruit

The name of this fruit is quite amusing, and it makes it even funnier because it actually is quite ugly and misshapen. However, the flavor of this fruit is absolutely top notch. It is firmly a citrus fruit, but it has a flavor that is a mixture of tangerines, grapefruits, and kumquats all of which are quite different from one another if you think about it. The great thing about this fruit is that it can be eaten as a light snack that is very low in calories and actually extremely delicious.


This fruit is about the size of a cherry, looks a bit like a raspberry and tastes like a strawberry. It originates in China where it is immensely popular, so much so that people brew Yangmei wine as well. This wine is very popular indeed, but both it and the fruit it comes from are very rarely available outside of China because they go bad so quickly. If you want to have this fruit, you are going to have to make a trip to the east, but the taste is so good that many would argue it’s actually worth it.

Prickly Pear

You don’t usually tend to think of a cactus as the sort of thing you would be able to get a delicious fruit from but this is actually the case. The prickly pear cactus actually has prickly pears that you can eat. If you see one of these cacti in the wild you are probably not going to be able to get to its fruit all that easily because of the fact that you would have to deal with the spines which could hurt your hand pretty badly if you are not extremely careful, but luckily for you the ones you get in the market are going to be completely clean and safe for you to eat.


This fruit like lychee as well as a number of other fruits on this list such as rambutan is part of the soapberry family, which is a family of fruits that have hardened, inedible shell and pearly, soft and sweet flesh. The flesh of this fruit tastes a lot like a lychee, but the skin is a little different. It is not as stubby and is thinner which makes it a great deal easier for you to eat.

Wood Apple

This fruit has very soft flesh, but the skin is equally hard. Indeed, a lot of people tend to compare the skin of this fruit to a coconut shell since it’s so hard. The flesh is nice and sweet with big seeds that are inedible, but an additional use for this fruit that you would be able to look into is that you can use the shell as an ashtray or a paperweight because it is so hard and is fairly weighty as well.


This fruit can be eaten at pretty much any stage of its ripening process. If you want to eat the fruit while it is not all that ripe, you will find that it is nice and starchy and that it has a lot of different elements to it. It can be used as a pretty adequate replacement for something like potatoes and the like, and you can use it in a variety of different dishes that are savory in nature. However, if you end up waiting for the breadfruit to get completely ripe, you would find that the flesh is perfect for dessert because it is both sweet as well as creamy.

Water Apple

This is possibly one of the tiniest fruits on this list. It looks a little bit like an apple, but one significant difference is that it is only an inch in diameter on average. This makes it a fantastic bite-sized snack that you could look into. The flavor does not taste all that much like apples, being more like watermelon instead. This is why you are going to love eating this fruit. It’s like you are eating bite-sized watermelons as a snack, and that really does sound delicious!

Nipah Seeds

This fruit when mature does not taste very good and is very difficult to get as well, but the seeds have a nice flavor to them. They are slightly nutty with a sweetness to them that is reminiscent of coconut water, and the great thing is that you can just collect them and eat them the way you would eat chips. They are not very high in calories which is why so many people are starting to look into them more and more these days.


This fruit looks a lot like the rambutan, but the physical resemblance is where the similarities end. The flesh of this fruit does not have a very sweet taste, but it is still extremely pleasant. A lot of people state that the flavor of this fruit is actually quite similar to that of almonds. This is actually quite surprising because when you look at the fruit, you would think that it would be as sweet as lychee, but when you bite in the flavor that you would end up getting would be quite earthy and nutty which is not what you are going to be expecting. However, if you go into eating this fruit with an open mind, there is a low likelihood that you are going to end up finding it distasteful. Indeed you are probably going to enjoy it very much.

Kaffir Lime

Although the flesh of this fruit is pretty much exactly like a lime, it is notable for two reasons. The lesser reason is the fact that its skin has a peculiar bumpiness to it, bumpiness that is a great deal more significant than the tiny bumps you would find on regular limes. The other reason that this fruit is notable is because the word kaffir is often used to refer to nonbelievers in the middle east, which is why a lot of middle eastern countries have refused to import this fruit. If you get the chance, though, you should definitely try this fruit out. It has a slightly different taste that makes it perfect to squeeze on your salads!


This fruit has a lot of different uses. Even though it looks pretty ugly, this fruit actually has a lot of different flavors going on in its flesh. To start off with, you would find that there is a combination of sweet as well as sour here that really does taste quite nice.


This is another fruit belonging to the soapberry family, but the only difference is that you would be able to take advantage of the natural partitions in the fruit as well. These partitions look a lot like those in an orange or something similar, and the flesh tastes very sweet indeed. However, there is not a lot of juice although many would consider this to be a good thing since it would end up providing you with an overall cleaner eating experience rather than the mess that juicy fruits tend to cause.


This fruit is also often referred to as the Suriname Cherry, which is actually a bit of a misnomer because this fruit actually doesn’t have all that much in common with a cherry. It does not look like one, looking more like a particularly spicy pepper instead, and it tastes nothing like one as well. The thing about the Suriname Cherry is that it is meant for a more savory sort of flavor. It is not intended for the same use as other fruits because the flavor just isn’t that sweet. If you are in the mood for an adventure, however, this fruit is just the thing for you!


This fruit has a really buttery texture that makes it perfect for use in cooking. It is basically a tiny oval full of healthy fats, but it has far fewer calories than butter, which is why so many people are turning to this fruit to be able to lose weight without losing out on the flavor of their food. This fruit can be eaten raw as well, although this is not quite as delicious as when you use it for cooking.


The reason these berries have been given this name is that they are salmon pink. They look pretty much exactly like raspberries apart from their color, and their taste is very similar to them as well although they are not quite as tangy. Overall the taste is quite subtle and pleasant which is why you would enjoy eating them quite a bit, although you should definitely keep in mind the fact that the orange-skinned ones are a lot tastier than the red skinned ones. Those of the red-skinned variety are rather bland making them quite unpleasant.

Star Apple

This fruit may have an apple in its name, but it’s actually very different. For starters, the outer skin is far too tough to chew which means you can’t bite into it. The flesh is very different as well, as it is soft and creamy rather than being crisp like an apple. The best way to eat this fruit much like with other fruits in this list is to cut it in half and dig into it with a spoon. Once you cut this fruit in half, you will see the cool star pattern that gives it its name, although why it’s called an apple is still a bit of a mystery.

Miracle Fruit

You have probably heard of pills that actually change the way you taste things, making them sweet even if they are incredibly bitter. This fruit has a similar effect and is indeed the source of the chemicals that the pills use as well. The compounds in this fruit bind themselves to your taste buds, and as a result, you will find that after eating it for about thirty minutes to an hour even if the bitterest of lemons would taste quite sweet. It’s really quite an exciting experience to have!

Strawberry Tree

You might be confused about this name since strawberries don’t grow on trees, but the name is actually a misnomer. The berries that this tree produces are red when ripe and look more like grapes than anything else. They have a mild flavor that is fairly pleasant, with an overall taste profile that is similar to that of a fig. While this is not an overly popular fruit because it does not have all that many remarkable features to it, it still holds some merit because of its texture and the fact that it is an affordable source of nutrients.

Finger Lime

This fruit looks more like a candy than an actual fruit because it consists of a thin skin that contains seedless pearls that are pink, green and yellow in color and provide little bursts of flavor that are quite similar to lime. These translucent pearls look very pretty indeed which is why so many people enjoy using this fruit as a garnish to a number of different dishes. A lot of high-end restaurants tend to treat this fruit like it is some kind of delicacy, but if you look in a regular market, you will find that it is actually quite affordable.


While most fruits are considered to be prime for eating when they are still a little firm, this is one of those rare fruits that actually tastes best when it has become nice and soft. The softness of this fruit’s flesh makes it taste a bit like butter in your mouth, albeit a sweetened version of butter that is a lot better to taste. This fruit is best eaten spread on toast, and the seeds make an excellent savory snack that you can consume from time to time.


This fruit looks a bit like a few small cherry tomatoes that have been fused into a single fruit. The taste is a little sour although a lot of people tend to like this quite a bit. One of the major benefits of this fruit is that you can consume it easily no matter how ripe it is. At peak ripeness, it is a little firm and has a sour, juicy flesh, but if you leave it to become even riper it will end up becoming sweet, and its flesh would take on a lovely, creamy texture that you are surely going to enjoy.


When you first taste a crowberry you might end up wondering why people eat it. After all, this berry has a very sour taste, so sour in fact that it can be downright unpleasant. However, the right way to eat it is not raw but by adding it to cooked dishes. The berry goes particularly well with fish because it tends to bring the flavor of the meat out quite well, although a lot of people think that it makes the perfect accompaniment to a dry wine as well.


This fruit both looks and tastes a bit like an apricot, but with a slight difference. The flesh is a lot drier than that of an apricot which makes for a pleasant experience for people that don’t want to end up creating a huge mess, and there is also the fact that a lot of people enjoy the eating process as well. The skin and flesh of the fruit tend to surround a pretty large seed, and although the seed is inedible peeling the flesh off of it is a rewarding experience. It is particularly fun to just spend some time peeling the flesh of the fruit off entirely before you start feasting on it.

Natal Plum

This fruit tends to have a terrible reputation because it comes from a plant that is not just inedible, it is downright toxic. People frequently get poisoned by the leaves of the plant that this fruit grows on which is why they tend to avoid the fruit itself, but the fact of the matter is that you can easily eat the fruit since it is the only part of the plant that is not actually dangerous to consume.


This is one of those fruits that you just need to eat to understand. This is because it has a taste that cannot be easily compared. While a lot of people say that it tastes a bit like a kiwi, the fact that the fruit itself looks a lot like a flattened blackberry has lead a lot of people to associate that flavor with it as well. This is why it is important that you seek these berries out and find out for yourself what they really taste like. After all, there is nothing quite like experiencing the fruit for yourself to find out what it tastes like!


This is another fruit that comes from a cactus, with the cactus in question this time around being the saguaro cactus. When you have a cactus like this, you tend not to get close enough to be able to eat its fruit, but in this case, it is really worth it. One thing to keep in mind is that the fruit itself is not as pleasant as the syrup that is made from it, a syrup that is used as a favorite topping for pancakes as well as a variety of baked goods.


The Cupuacu is a distant relative of the cocoa bean, and in fact is so closely related to that bean that it is often used to create a different type of chocolate. The flavor of this fruit is often described as chocolate like which is understandable, but there is also the fact that it has its own complexities as well with a nuttiness that regular chocolate simply does not have. These complexities end up making the chocolate made from this fruit a lot more delicious as well, and a lot of people have started to prefer it to cocoa when it comes to chocolate.


This is probably the most challenging fruit on this list to eat. You can’t eat it with your hands, at least not at first. Instead, you are going to have to break the fruit out of its hard shell with a hammer or something similar, but after you take the first two fruits out the rest is going to be a lot easier because there will be a space for your fingers to go into and pry more out. Although eating this fruit is quite tricky, it can be extremely rewarding as well.


This fruit can often be difficult to obtain because it only grows during a very short window of time, but if you do find it, you should definitely try it. The flavor of this fruit is quite mild, but it has a vague aroma of coconut that can be quite delicious. It is recommended that you eat a sandwich with one side spread with the creamy flesh of this fruit and the other smeared with chocolate. This is a knockout combination that you are surely going to love!


This is a rather dangerous fruit to eat because it can be lethal if consumed improperly. The aroma of this fruit can be quite enticing, but you need to wait for it to split open on its own and then eat the honey-colored flesh that surrounds its seed. The rest of the fruit is deadly, but this flesh is actually quite delicious. Most people that eat it think it’s so good that it’s worth the risk. This definitely sounds like something you should try out, and the added bonus is that it is a bit of an adventure as well!


This fruit is somewhat peculiar because it is not known for its flesh nor for its seeds, but from the extract that comes from the seeds. This extract is not sweet at all. Instead, it is used as a spice in meat-based dishes. The extract is also used to provide yellow coloring to food which makes it popular for dishes where the hue of matters. Rice, in particular, is a popular food for achiote extract, and it is also often used to give chicken a more appealing color.

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